Techno-Jib by Telescopic LLC
Techno-Jib in Action

Techno-Jibs have "starred" on the sets of numerous films, television shows, live shows, concerts and music videos both here in U.S. and in seven countries around the world.

Here's just a small sample of Techno-Jib credits:

Academy Awards
MTV Music Video Awards
MTV -- Japan Video Music Award 2008
Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows
"Dancing with the Stars"
"Wheel of Fortune"
"Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
"National Bingo Night"
"Moment of Truth" pilot
"Dinner Impossible" -- Food Network
Various Disney HD Broadcasts US
Disney Channel Japan
CS Green channel Japan -- Auto Racing
Several long-running television shows -- Germany
Untitled feature film -- Italy
Panasonic Commercial (Japan)
NutriSystem film commercial w/ Dan Marino and Larry the Cable Guy
Sea World DVD "Shamu -- Believe" Whale performance show
"Christmas at the Grove" Los Angeles
Kumi Kouda -- Live Concert (Japan)
LUNA SEA -- Live Concert (Japan)
Mr. Children -- Live Concert (Japan)
B'z -- Live Concert (Japan)
Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi -- Live Concert (Japan)
Punk Springs 2008 -- Live Music Event (Japan)
Misia -- Live Concert (Japan)